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My name is Elder Regina D. Lewis, I am the founder and CEO of Ashunti RMS Inc. I have 25 years of sobriety and counting. I thank God today for my family and the people who helped to cultivate, motivate, encourage and change my life and way of thinking. I was truly a diamond in the rough.

Today i recognize that i am a diamond with many facets, some are smooth, polished and shiny that catches the sun light. And some facets have rough jagged edges, GOD AINT THRU WITH ME YET. He has has taken my life and blessed me with a ministry that displays a pat of him which is love, compassion, guidance, patients and understanding. When a person comes to me for help, no matter who or what they are i make them feel like they can achieve what eve they came to do. the man that feels under valued and misunderstood is supported & strengthened. The woman who is lost- is provided with a clear map that will move her to a self-sufficient life. The teen that feels no hope is provided with nurturing encouragement.

My works is my sermon, My classroom is the world.
My church is my community, My love is spread throughout my ministry.

Please take a little time to read about our organization.


Regina D. Lewis

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